Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mommy Parties - A new party experience!

I just found out that I was selected to host a Dragons Universe Mommy Party!!!  My little boy is going to be SO excited!!  The email stated that I would be receiving my party package in 3-5 days!  I will post again and share with you all the contents of the party package.  How exciting! 

I am so excited to get my friends and the kids together for a fantastic FREE party experience, and see what Dragons Universe is all about first hand!

Not familiar with Mommy Parties? Moms love to share. From great ideas to funny stories, the best products to family-friendly brands. MommyParties connects Moms with these products and companies.   Mommy Parties give moms everything they need to host a brand themed, in-home party with other moms who are eager to learn about your products
For more information about this fun new program or to sign up go HERE.  or go to the Mommy Parties Facebook page HERE


Anonymous said...

I just signed up for this too. hope i will something in the future for my kids and their friends to try out. thanks for the link!

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