Reward Point Programs

There are so many customer reward programs out there.  Following is a list of our favorites, and the benefits of belonging to them.

Nature Made Wellness Rewards:  Each bottle of vitamins or supplements you purchase has a unique code, enter the code and save your points.  You can cash your points for coupons or unique products and gifts.  My personal favorite is the $5.00 off 1 coupon!

RecycleBank:  Recycle Bank rewards you for taking positive green actions! Earn points for recycling electronics, cleaning out your junk and more!  Redeem your points for rewards.  My favorite rewards from RecycleBank are coupons (of course!)  $4 off $20 at CVS or $6 off $70 at Cub Foods.  Your reward doesn't have to be a coupon, there is merchandise and other rewards to choose from as well.

Disney Movie Rewards: Get rewarded for enjoying your favorite Disney movies!  Specially marked movies will have a code inside that you enter into the website, save up your points and redeem them for some very cool Disney merchandise!  This program also has members only discounts available at times.  ANd many opportunities to find "hidden" codes without purchasing movies.

Tropicana Juicy Rewards:  Enter the codes from your Tropicana orange juice cartons and redeem your points for rewards, 20,000 ways to save on admissions to museums and waterparks to dollar off discounts on merchandise.

Swagbucks:  Earn points for simply searching the web! Register with Swagbucks and use them as your search egine and you will quickly be on your way to some great rewards! Redeem your points for giftcards, paypal cash, merchandise and sweepstakes.

Scott Savings - This program rewards you with coupons for $$ off, after you purchase so many Scott products.  Buy 2 different Scott products, receive a $2.00 coupon via email, Buy 3 get a $3.00 coupon, Buy 4 get a $4.00 coupon.  You will need your UPC's and register receipt.  print the form and mail it in to receive your reward!

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