Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old T-shirts? Don't throw them out, try these ideas instead!

If your house is like mine, you have a ton of old t-shirts around.  My husband has 3 drawers full of t-shirts alone (many of which he doesn't even wear!).  Have you tried selling them at garage sales?  I have without much luck - Here are some ideas to re-use those old shirts, not only are you recycling, but also being frugal and saving $$!

What are some of your re-use ideas for t-shirts?  Please share!  If you've created a project from an old t-shirt please share a photo with us!

Create Wall Art!  If the design is cool enough frame it!

Rugs - step by step instructions can be found HERE (check with your local animal shelter, they may be in need of rugs for the animals to lay on while they are in their crates!

Drawer sachets - As a fabric, cotton breaths, so you can trim pieces of an old tee into squares, sprinkle a little lavender or potpourri inside, then tie it up the bundles with string. As long as you don’t pick anything too potent, these cheap sachets are a nice way to keep your clothing smelling fresh inside dresser drawers

Household/cleaning uses:
Use them for paint shirts for the kids
Cut into small squares and use as baby wipes
Cut into large squares for dusting  Wash and re-use
Cut them into rectangles (measure your Swiffer!) and use with your Swiffer! Wash and re-use
Cut therm up and use as drop clothes when doing a messy project
Cut them up and wrap breakables in them for storage

If you know how to sew, or know someone who sews, try these projects:
Pillows - don't buy stuffing, use t-shirt scraps or even full t-shirts!
T-shirt bag - use as a reusable shopping bag or a fun gift bag, instructions HERE!
Laptop Sleeve - Let eHow show you how HERE
Underwear (yep! undies!!) - go HERE for patterns and instructions
Scarf - go HERE for instructions

*Watch for upcoming blog posts about a clothing quilt I will be working on soon!


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