Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Charter Moms Facebook

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Charter Communications Inc is a Fortune 500 company and the 4th largest cable operator in the United States, and MOM's Charter wants to hear from you!  Join the brand new Charter Mom's Panel Facebook Page to tell Charter what you love and what they can do to make you happy!  Charter is looking for new and better ways to connect with you and entertain your family!  By joining the Charter Mom's Panel Facebook page you'll be among the first to know about new services and programming!

We try to limit the amount of TV my six year old watches, and when he does watch TV, we are usually watching together, in the evening, as a family.  I am so pleased with the holiday programming offered on ABC Family with the 25 Days of Christmas, there was always something family friendly to choose from!  DO you watch TV with your children? What shows do you like to watch as a family?

Facebook has been a great place to connect with companies!  We have received so many special offers and coupons from the pages we like, we have been able to communicate directly with a company with the pages we like, and now we will be able to communicate directly with a cable TV provider through facebook - how great is that going to be?  As a mom you have a valuable voice, and Charter Moms want to hear from you

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