Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thanksgiving coupons = save $$ on your Thanksgiving dinner!

Here is a list of the current coupons that I see available that could help you save money on your Thanksgiving dinner! I'll keep updating this list as I see coupons that I think would make a good fit here! 

If you will be serving wine at your dinner, remember to look for hang tags on the bottles, as this time of year there are usually a lot of mail in rebates available!

Butterball - $1.00 off Whole Turkey, $5.00 in coupons Rebate WYB Turkey, $10 MIB WYB Whole Turkey and "Santa Paws" Movie

Campbells condensed soups - Over $10 in savings on Campbells products, including the condensed soups you'll need for your green bean casserole!

Crisco  - 50cents off 1 shortening, $1.00/1 Olive oil, 75 cents /1 Cooking Spray

Eco-Foil - $1.00/3 Eco-Foil items

Folgers Coffee - $1.00/1 any special roast can

Heinz Gravy - $1.00/3 jars Heinz Homestyle Gravy

Idahoan Instant Potatoes - $1.00/1 (Facebook)

Imperial Sugar - 75cents/1 select products

Pillsbury - 30cents/2 Pillsbury Grands

Pillsbury - 50 cents/2 Refridgerated Pie crusts

Pillsbury - $1.00/2 Holiday cookies

Reddi-Whip - 50cents/1

Rhodes - $1.00/1 Warm and Serve Rolls

Ziploc - $1.50/2 containers

Ziploc - $1.00/2 bags


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