Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DreamerPass: $23 for Four Movie Tickets Redeemable at Fandango.com - a $56 Value

The Dreamer Pass™ is your passport to the world of cinema. With these tickets, you can watch regular cinema, IMAX, and even IMAX or Real D 3D movies whenever you please.

It works like this: one DreamerPass is good for four movie tickets from Fandango.com. That means your tickets are good at any theater that you can buy tickets to through Fandango--and that's a lot of theaters. Which means you've got four tickets to almost any movie imaginable. Comedies. Dramas. Family films. Even IMAX movies or the newest 3D films: they're all there for your viewing pleasure.

What else is there to say? Four tickets to any movie you want, at any theater you want, any time you want. At only $5.75 per ticket. Get your popcorn ready!

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Four tickets to any movie at any theater on Fandango.com
No restrictions on movies--you can even see IMAX and 3D films
Only $5.75 per ticket
Once redeemed you have 30 days to use

The Fine Print
Limit one per person
Ticket value is $14 and may be used towards the cost of any IMAX or 3D movie
Actual movie ticket codes only redeemable through Fandango.com (to view theater's closest to you please visit www.Fandango.com)
Once voucher is redeemed, your codes are valid for 30 days
Actual movie codes may be used separately but must all be used within the 30-day redemption period
Codes are transferable
Purchasers do not have to subscribe to DreamerPass for this introductory offer
No cash back
Cannot be combined with other offers
Redeemable as soon as the deal closes



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