Monday, October 4, 2010

$15 food credit from Sundance Global = 6 free meals (pay shipping of $5.95)

I just signed up to receive 6 free meals from Sundance Global!  I had to pay shipping of $5.95, but the meals I will receive are: 
•1 pouch "Tortilla Soup" = 2 meals
•1 pouch "Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole" = 2 meals
•1 pouch "Creamy Potato Soup" = 2 meals
These products will be shipped priority mail, and I should have them in a few days.  I will post an update when I receive them and taste them!

Sundance Global offers ready to eat meals that are dehydrated from #1 grade fresh raw foods and have a shelf life of 15 years. They do not add any MSG, genetically altered food, hydrogenated oils or foods from counties that utilize illegal fertilizers and insecticides. All the meals are vegetarian, but includes a natural meat substitute that provides the needed protein in your diet.

The concept of Sundance Global fits perfectly with us stockpilers!  The food is perfect for those who believe they need to have a significant surplus of food to weather any dips in the economy, natural disasters or world unrest!

Sign up and get your free food credit!  You can earn even more free food credits!  Every 2 people you enroll for free, who redeem their Food Credit, will earn you an additional $15 of high quality food.  Enroll 10 people that redeem their Free food and you will earn an additional $75 in high quality food (5 x $15=$75).

Sign up by Oct 20th, 2010 to receive the free food credits.

Sundance Global is a new MLM home based business launching on 10-20-10.  Just to be clear, I am NOT promoting the MLM business end of this as I do not know enough about this.  I am letting you know about the free meal offer.

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