Friday, August 13, 2010

Menards Crazy Days Sale Shopping trip - 17 items FREE after Rebate!

It's been awhile since I've posted my shopping trips here, I just got back from Menards Crazy Days sale and thought I would share with you.  Spent $42.47 Out of pocket, and will receive $40.00 back in mail in rebates!!  SO basically all the stuff in the picture cost me $2.47!!  YAY!
- Contractor Garbage bags
- 4 pairs latex gloves
- spray nozzle
- 2 rain ponchos
- 2 boxes of aluminum foil
- 12 storage bins
- swivel sweeper ($19.99 with a $10 rebate)
- under bed shoe organizer
- firestarter sticks
- cashews (myson wanted a snack while we were shopping!)

Total including tax was $64.77, I had $26.00 in merchandise credit checks to use, so OOP was $42.47 and I will receive $40.00 in merchandise credit checks to use!

If you are not familiar with Menards mail in rebates, The rebate check comes in the form of a merchandise credit to Menards.  Most (if not all anymore) of the rebates need to be mailed to the same address, so you can put them all in one envelope for mailing. 

Menards 3 day CRAZY DAY sale started today and runs until Sunday Aug 15th . They have 14 items for free after mail in rebate and an additional $10 purchase during the Crazy Days sale, and there are a lot of $1, $2, $3 (and so on) deals as well at the store.
Crazy Days sale items that are FREE after MIR::
:: Flea and Tick Collar after $3.50 MIR (Limit 4)
:: Cuddle Blanket after $7.00 MIR (Limit 4)
:: House Wash after $6.00 MIR (Lmit 5)
:: Furniture Slides 8 pack after $4.00 MIR (Limit 8)
:: Steel Shelf Brack 12x8" after $2.00 MIR (Limit 10)
:: Super Glue 6 pack after $2.00 MIR (Limit 2)
:: Aluminum Foil after $2.50 MIR (Limit 2)
:: Transplanter after $2.00 MIR (Limit 2)
:: Stack On Mini Storage Bn after .50 MIR (Limit 12)
:: Jig A Loo after $2.50 MIR (Limit 2)
:: Fix a Scratch after $7.00 MIR (Limit 2)
:: Ear Buds after $2.50 MIR (Limit 3)
:: Oven Mate Drip Sheet after $2.00 MIR (Limit 2)
:: Rain Poncho after $3.00 MIR (limit 2)

Additional Free After Rebate Items I found in the store: (these were posted that the sale is valid until 8/22)
:: Rubber Handled spray Nozzle $5.00
::Spic and Span latex gloves, or wipes $1.00 (limit 5)
::Physique Shampoo and Conditioner $6.00


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