Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FitDay - Free online fitness, diet and weight loss journal

Are you trying to lose weight? Or maybe just trying to watch what you eat and need a way to calculate your daily calorie intake? Check out FitDay. This is an awesome FREE program that will allow you to monitor you daily calorie intake.

When you first start it may seem a bit overwhelming, adding in all of the nutritional information on the foods you regularly eat. But think about how many different foods, do you really eat each day? I was surprised when I started this that I really stick to about 25 foods that I regularly eat. Of course there are variations, but once I’ve entered my regular food, this program is as simple as mouse clicks to add my foods to the daily chart.

There are hundreds of foods pre-programmed into FitDay, so if you don’t feel like entering all of your specific nutritional information, just select the pre-programmed foods, since these are generic the calories listed may be higher then what you are actually consuming. I am of the belief though that every calorie counts and if you enter your own information, your calorie count will be more specific and – you may be able to eat MORE!

Most importantly, remember portion sizes when counting your calories. If you eat 2 servings of something, make sure to count the calories for both servings, otherwise your calorie count for the day will be off (and not in your favor!).

FitDay allows you to add calories burned during the day also. These are also generic calories listed for different activities, so if you know your actual calorie burn it is better to enter in your specific information.

For me, monitoring my calories daily is a great way to stay in check with what I am eating. When I don’t do this, I seem to always default back to a diet high in bad carbs and fat!

Use FitDay to help you with your goals!


Steve @ Weight Loss Diets said...

Looks like a good way to keep track of your progress and stay motivated.

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