Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big List of current Free samples!

Fill your mailbox with freebies!!  Sign up for these free samples.  Mail is alot more fun to get when you are getting freebies and not just bills!  Many times free samples come with high value coupons.

Just a tip, you may want to create a new email address (hotmail, gmail, etc) to use when signing uyp for samples, that way your regular inbox won't be filled with newsletters!  I have a gmail account that I have created specifically for sample/coupon/newsletter requests.

Enjoy these freebies! 

Post it Super Sticky Notes

Nature Made ChewableVitamin D

Nexxus THERAPPE Shampoo, HUMECTRESS Conditioner and HUMECTRESS Deep Conditioner.


Kotex sample pack

Borba Skin Balance Drink Mix

Lanacane Anti- Chafing Gel

Achooz Nasal Wipes

Taster's Choice sample variety pack

Natural Nibbles Dog treats

Nicorette mini Lozenge

True Lemon


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