Thursday, June 10, 2010

Target shopping trip today 6/10 - OOP $8.44!!

Ok - not sure why the picture is sideways (sorry!).  So today I really rocked the register with my coupons! LOVE when this happens! Not all of my shopping trips are this great, but I do consistently save between 50-70% with coupons.  Coupons are cash!!  Please share your shopping trips with us!  It inspires us!

The lady behind me in line was pretty crabby to begin with, although to be fair I warned both her and the cashier that I had a lot of coupons.  She kept stating "Oh I got in the Wrong line" and told the man behind her in line "Boy this lady has alot of coupons - Target is going to owe her $$ when she's done!"  SO I very kindly apologized and told her I know it's alot, but watch, it's going to be worth it because I am going to save alot!.  Her response "I've read about people like you!"  It was worth it to see her face when I was done and she realized how much I had saved!  Have you ever had a crabby person behind you when using your coupons? How dod you handle it/

Unfortunately this entire trip won't be able to be duplicated as many of the coupons are not available any longer, and many were "special" coupons from House Party, Kraft First Taste, and the Kraft summer packs that I had posted about a few weeks ago. I am a big believer of saving all of your coupons because you just never know when it will result in a freebie!

What I bought today: 2 butterfinger bars, 2 Tropicana Orange Juices, 2 Packs Pampers Wipes, 2 Shout Sprays, 4 Rolaids, 2 Strawberry Shortcake Nexcare bandages, 2 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning, 1 18 pack Always pads, Kraft Mayo w/Olive Oil, Pace Picante Sauce, Doritos, Lays, Welch's Grape Juice, Digiornio Pizza and Bread Sticks, OM Hot Dogs, OM Turkey Bacon, 3 packages OM shaved Deli Met, 3packages 100 calories Kraft Cheese bites, Bullseye BBQ sauce, loaf of wheat bread, and Sunsweet chocolate covered plums.

Ok - Here's the breakdown:

1st - missing from the picture is 2 butterfinger bars - those were facebook freebies (I use my husbands FB account to double up on awesome FB deals!)  This freebie is NLA, but butterfnger has a new game that they are offering check it out HERE

2 Tropicana Orange Juice - 2 FREE coupons from Tropicana Juicy Rewards a couple weeks ago their deal of the day was a coupon for FREE OJ when yuo redeem 5 points.  I have alot of points in my account so I redeemed and then also set up an account for my husband (you are allowed 4 accounts per household) and found enough codes online to get him 5 points in his account.  I posted those codes on the blog here - hopefully some of you took advantage of that.

Pampers $2.39 used 2 $2.00/1 from 6/6 P&G Final Price=.39¢

Shout Spray $1.97 Used 2 $1.00/1 Target Coupon and 2 .55¢/1 Shout (Redplum from april - sorry I forgot to mark the date on that insert!  Final Price= 47¢  each
Rolaids Multi Symptom Berry Flavor 3 pack $1.99 Used 2 $4/2 from 6/6 RP
Final Price= 4  FREE

Nexcare bandages Strawberry Shortcake $1.87 Used 2 $1/1 from 6/6 SS and 2 .50¢/1 Target coupon
Final Price=.37¢ each (these will get donated, as my 6 year old son isn't interested - haha!)

2 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning 67 cents each used $.60/2 HERE

Always Pads - Free with coupon from the Being a Girl free sample HERE

Welch's Grape Juice - free w/facebook coupon.  The regular Welchs was priced $3.04, the Welch's w/fiber was on clearance for $1.78 - bought that!

Kraft Mayo - Free w/coupon from Kraft summer pack (NLA)

Pace Picante Sauce - Free from their game - play HERE (you can play once a day and win up to 5 times)

Sunsweet Plums - Facebook freebie (NLA)

OM Turkey Bacon - Freebie from Kraft First Taste

OM Hotdogs - freebie from a House Party I was invited to

Bullseye BBQ sauce - freebie from Kraft summer pack

3 OM deli meat, 3 cheese bites, Digiornio pizza - freebies from a House Party I was a host for

Bread, Doritos, and Lays - no coupons!!

See my post about House Party right HERE - it's a super fun way to try new products, get together with friends and get some goodies (coupons and samples!)

Total saved $72.40 - Total spent $8.44 (74 cents was tax - wish we could find coupons for that!)



Anonymous said...

that is great iam new 2 this my wife thought i was crazy filling out all same info over and over agian but saved 34.00 onmy first trip with just coupans

Kellie said...

Thats Awesome!! $34.00 is ALOT of $$!! Taking the time to fill out that info is definately worth it!

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