Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My CVS shopping trip today 5/18

I LOVE CVS!  Today I spent out of pocket $6.15 (.84 was tax - I wish we could find some coupons for tax!), and I received $6.00 in ECB's - so I guess I got all of the stuff in the picture for 15 cents!!!

Make sure when you go to CVS you scan your card at the coupon machine - today I received a $5 off $25.00 purchase, $1.00 off any CVS brand cosmetic accessory, and $1.00 off 2 CVS paper products.

Here's what I got and the coupons I used:
4 Pepsi products 12 packs - on sale 4/$12 (get 3 ECB's WYB 4)
Gallon of milk $2.59
4 packages David's sunflower seeds on sale 4/$5.00 (used 2 $1.00/2 coupons HERE)
4 cans Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli 4/$5 used $1.50/4 coupon HERE
  in the pic you will see 1 microwaveable can - this is NOT part of the deal but a store substitue(after talking to a manager,  as my store only had 3 cans and I need 4 to make the coupon work).
1 package Act 2 Microwave popcorn 4/$5.00 (Purchase $10.00 in certain Con Agra products get $3.00 ECB

2 package CVS washcloths(travel size wetwipes) .99 ea used $1/2 CVS paper products coupon from machine
1 package CVS round cotton wipes (travel size) .99 - free after using $1.00 off CVS cosmetic accessory!

So I used the above mentioned coupons and $14.00 in ECB's for a total out of pocket of $6.15, and received $6.00 in ECB's!
With Tball season just starting here, we go through alot of sunflower seeds! so this was a great time for them to be on sale for me:)


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