Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kraft game - Win coupons for Mac n Cheese!

Head on over HERE to play Noodlette, a spin and win game from Kraft where you can win coupons for Mac N Cheese products (Mac n Cheese, Cups and Homestyle).

It looks like you get 5 spoins per turn and can play as many times as you want! So far I have won a .55/2 Mac n Cheese coupon, and a buy 2 get 1 free cup.  I ahven't been able to win the coupon yet for the Homestyle - so if you do please post as to what the coupon is.

Have fun! Good Luck


CP said...

I think I read on another blog that the Homestyle one is a B1G1 - I couldn't get that many points either and gave up. Worked out ok though, I used the .55/2 at Wags and coupled it with the .69 sale they have this week on them, making them .42 each :)

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