Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Blockbuster Express Movie Rental Codes

Here is a list of rental codes you can use to rent a free movie from Blockbuster Express.
GT13A (expires May 31)
GL14A (expires June 30)
BBXPUB (expiration unknown, Publix stores only?)
G414A (expiration unknown)
G415A (expiration unknown).

I don't have a Blockbuster Express nearby, so I cannot verify these codes.  Blockbuster Express works the same way as Redbox, you can use these codes once per credit card number (so if  you have more then 1 credit card you can use each code more then once).  Your credit card will not be charged as long as you return the movie before the deadline (Redbox is 9pm the next day, I am assuming that Blockbuster is the same, but not 100% sure).

Thanks goes to Freebies4mom!


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