Saturday, May 22, 2010

99 cent diapers at Rite Aid!

I just received an email from Redplum stating the folks at Rite Aid have just unveiled their new line of store-brand baby care products name Tugaboos. To celebrate the release, they're helping moms spend a little less on diapers with 99 cent packages of Tugaboos for a limited time, which come with a $1 coupon for your next Tugaboos purchase. Tugaboos are available at all Rite Aid stores and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Check your coupon - if there is no size limit, use your $1.00 off coupon to snag another .99cent package for free!

Want to save even more? Watch short informational videos about Tugaboos on Rite Aid's Web site and you can earn points toward more $1 coupons, plus a $5 Rite Aid Bonus Coupon when you earn 20 video credits.

I do not have a Rite Aid, so I cannot confirm this deal firsthand.  Please let us know if you go to Rite Aid to get these, and let us know if there is a size restriction on the coupon ~ thanks!


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