Wednesday, May 12, 2010

20 FREE Birth Announcement (Photo cards) for all members from Kodak

Don't need birth announcements?  I didn;t either, take a generic birth announcement card and turn it into something you can use - like a birthday invitation or a thank you card!  That's what I did, and got 20 nice birthday invites, for $2.91 shipped (cheaper then going to the store and buying generic ones! :)

Here's how to get yours:
Sign in or Register with Kodak HERE
Click on the pink ‘Get Free Cards’ button
Select your card style {choose one that is $0.00}
Select ‘Layout’ ~ there are several options at the bottom
Upload photos and create cards
Change quantity to ‘2′ {2 = two sets of ten}
Select color of envelopes, then checkout
No promo code is needed at checkout!
Shipping will be around $2.89 total for all 20 cards!

***You'll be ordering 2 sets of 10 - make sure to choose cards that are included in this promotion, they will show a price of 0.00***


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