Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is taking the time to coupon worth the effort?

Many people wonder if taking the time to coupon is really worth the effort. I have been a coupon user for many years, and believed in the savings I was creating by taking the time to clip and use coupons. Not only the savings, but the game of it as well! As the new Walmart commercial states "the rush of finding a deal".

But the Wall Street Journal has a new take on couponing and and figures out the math of it as if couponing were a job! The WSJ looked at coupon savings as money earned, (without taxes of course! No social security, etc), and figured the pay rate of couponing to be $108 an hour!! What a wonderful job to have, sitting on the couch, watching TV with my family, cutting my coupons.

The article states that if a coupon user saves $25.00 a week (which is easily done with couponing the right way), that's $1200.00 you DID NOT spend on gas, groceries, etc! WOW! That's a nice bonus!

What are your thoughts after reading the article? Do you think it is worth it?


Anonymous said...

Ever since I found this blog through friends I've been able to save money like you wouldn't believe on things I use every day and things I wont buy for our household because of the price. AND it even got me some free things along they way!! I enjoy going to Target and getting 80.00 worth of laundry soap, downey etc for 27.00!! Who wouldn't pass that up?

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