Saturday, April 24, 2010

$20.99 For 5 Movie Tickets and 12 Buy One, Get One Tickets (+Bonus) - Awesome deal!!

If you have a 5 Star Cinema nearby - here is a deal you won't want to miss!!  For $25.99 (plus $1.50 shipping and handling) you'll receive:

5 Free movie tickets
12 Buy 1 Get 1 Movie tickets
4 free popcorn coupons (with concession stand purchase)
3 free Combo #1 coupons (with purchase of 2 or more admissions).

This is valued at $170!! 82% off!!  You need to hurry to participate in this deal as it is being offered by Adility Daily Deal - and there is a countdown clock on this, and the deal ends in 39 hours!

Go HERE for more info about this deal or to purchase the deal yourself! 

To find a 5 Star Cinema location go HERE

We are lucky enough to have one nearby our house, so I purchased mine!


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